Hi There.

This is Benjamin.

Born in the Year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Seven, to two doting parents in the sweaty heart of Austin, Texas, Benjamin spent his early years mostly outside with friends, building forts and campfires, and generally respecting curfew. A proud Native Texan. Stories were always a foundational element to how he interacted with the world he found himself in, from movies projecting new realities onto a dark theater wall, to books read by his mother as he drifted off to sleep. This would eventually evolve into a love for acting in the school plays, and shooting rolls of film with his mother’s 35mm. Soon, Benjamin would head to film school, where he would further explore the stories and narratives at The University of Texas while incurring the crushing debt only a liberal arts student could appreciate. After graduating, he would soon evolve his love of storytelling into capturing the stories around him, tales of love and weddings, of new life and growing families, of the ever-forward passage of time, of a common curiosity to belong that unites us all.

You can still find him, taking photographs of passersby on a muggy street in south Austin with his lovely wife and doggo, eating tacos, contemplating the universe.